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    5 ft. 7 in.
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  • Education:
    Bachelors Degree
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    Self Employed
  • Has Kids:
    Yes, living with me


Newcomer to fishing - have always had a latent interest but now my son (11) has got interested in it I've lost the plot, geeked out completely and become a little bit obsessed.

As for me, I'm a happy and creative type, self employed (creative/technological stuff) and loving it, with a mostly optimistic outlook (sometimes at odds with innate grumpiness I'm easing in to like slippers since turning 40) and a love of dark intelligent humour.

I like going out and having fun but I also like staying in being mellow a lot too. Like most humans I enjoy food, whether it be eaten in squalor or at The Ivy (preferably somewhere in between).

Favourite pre-fishing hobby was/is kayaking and I have a two seater inflatable kayak which is without question my favourite object/possession (fishing rod belongs to my son so I can say that without conflict).

I have an old cat, a medium-aged axolotl and a new cello which I cannot yet play.

What I am looking for

An interesting and intelligent companion for fun and adventure. I'm not looking for anything super heavy (still on Mum duty for another few important years) but I am into monogamy. I want someone to relax and have fun with, but it has to be the right person :)

It'd be cool if he likes dystopian fiction too.